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The 5.56mm round is a type of ammunition in Fallout 4. 5.56mm rifle cartridges that use 55 grain, boat tail hollow-point bullets and are manufactured by Circle G ammunition. Prior to the Great War, these were sold in boxes of 20 cartridges. Assault rifle. December's Child.


Changes this mod makes: - Rechambers the combat rifle to take 5.56 ammo, not .45 ammo. So it's more like a rifle, and less like a submachine gun. - Minorly buffs the damage of the combat rifle from 33 to 35, to reflect it using a more powerful round. - Adds a new leveled list that the rechambered combat...


Using the ammo builder you only need lead and fertilizer, however I don’t think 5.56 shows up as craft able until you reach level three on gun nut. Still, 2 lead and one fertilizer nets you 10 rounds, so if you grab every scrap you find like I do till you reach high enough level you can get a pretty good stockpile...


5-мм патрон (англ. 5mm Round) — боеприпас Fallout 4. Миниган. Испепелитель. Музей Свободы — 1320 5-мм патронов добавляются в инвентарь Выжившего вместе с миниганом, который находится на крыше музея и должен быть взят по условию задания «Зов свободы».


5.56 Round is ammo in Fallout 4. ID: 0001F278 It is used for different weapons.


The 5.56 round is an ammunition type in Fallout 4. The following section is transcluded from 5.56mm round. To modify, please edit the source page. The 5.56x45mm round is a rifle cartridge derived from the .223 Remington, originally developed for the M16 service rifle of the United States Army.


5,56 мм патрон (англ. 5.56mm Round) — боеприпас Fallout 4. Промежуточный патрон калибра 5,56 мм, до войны производившийся компанией «Circle G». Упаковывались в коробки по 20 штук. Штурмовой карабин. Дитя декабря. Арена «Ядер-Мобильчиков».


Ever wondered where to find 5.56 ammo!? Me too. But I found it, And you can too!


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