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Refresh items to display sort dataGrid.Items.Refresh(); }. В случае вашего кода его можно использовать следующим образом: SortDataGrid(myDataGridEvenements, 0, ListSortDirection.Ascending); Или, используя значения параметров по умолчанию, просто...


I need to disable multiple column sorting on a DataGrid. Is this possible?


I have a DataGrid in WPF with autogenerated columns. How can I disable sorting functionality of all the rows following the MVVM pattern?


I am using WPF Datagrid for listing my data. I need to sort my datagrid column programmatically. Is that possible with WPF Datagrid column?


Learn How to display DataGrid Selected Row Values in Text Boxes using visual c# with WPF framework..


DataGrid element represents WPF DataGrid control in XAML.


Is there a way to sort a WPF DataGrid programmaticaly ( for example, like if i clicked on my first column). Is there a way to simuate this click ? Or a best way ? Here is my code : …


Disable DataGrid Template Column. Sorting DATAGRID VIEW. datagrid header popup. Sorting columns in Grid View(Error). How to sort data in asp DataGrid by clicking column header?


The DataGrid sorts the view of the List<T> when you click on the column headers without you having to anything at all. This is built-in functionality so you don't have


C# you can create a behavior and handle the sort be your self.the following is not tested :)public class DataGridICollectionViewSortMerkerBehavior : B, ID #17746552.


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