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Hi guys, I am trying to use the Email - POP3/SMTP VBO after importing it, with gmail email address but getting a certificate error while executing Get...


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I keep getting a "certificate error" from google - when I went to gmail help it said to check the date and time synchronization which I did and when I try to configure the internet time settings it gives me an error. It is currently trying to configure with time-b.nist.gov, should I try to use one of the other options?


Google will not be able to help if I cannot even view what the certificate complaint is all about. Since it works fine a couple of times of Sync'ing and then starts failing with certificate errors, I am pretty sure Gmail is not changing their certificates just to annoy me.


*No more help needed* Gmail "Certificate Error". To whom it may concern: I was encountering trouble accessing my Gmail account but I have fixed the problem using a help page on Google's website. Feel free to delete this thread as I no longer need any additional help. Sorry for any inconvenience I have...


Now my gmail got security certificate error.When I open gmail, I can't see all of my friends' names and signals as well as green and red colour lamps anso can't see.So how to solve this problem.My gmail account showh that Your internet connection is experiencing problems or your network...


I tried to add gmail account to my outlook but it gives me the error above. first it gives a message told me that my gmail is out of date and when i check it out


I have had to remove "imap.gmail.com" from my Mail Shield SSL preferences list to stop the error, but I would prefer to use the encrypted imap setting. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise, the latest beta has been terrific.


Gmail Throwing Certificate Error. This topic has been deleted.


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