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An interesting feature has been added to Google Maps, offering not only driving directions, but also how long you'll be stuck in traffic. This feature will tell you an approximate time on how long your drive may be, should there be rush-hour traffic going on. Above your driving directions it will read...


Google Maps is capable of some seriously impressive things, and that’s highlighted by its ability to show you how busy a business is at any given time.


Hello! Google Maps is trying something new to speed up your visit. Enter a Search, or click anywhere to load the Map.


According to the Google Lat Long Blog, the search engine has added a feature to Google Maps that provides a realistic estimate of drive time in traffic at peak times or when there’s an accident. After you do a search for directions, you’ll see both an optimal drive time and an outer range.


Our rush hour drive times are based on an estimated 90% probability of arriving on-time.


This includes promoting businesses through Google Maps links. 2. Do not post any personal


I have this route planned in Google Maps as a rough plot for travel times to 4 locations from Tokyo Tower, it's by no means finished. Now I am well aware that there are other factors such was road...


Group Product Manager, Google Maps.


Hello Google map API experts, What would be the best(good) way to develop a real time dynamic map using Google Map API. Example: http://whrrl.com/ It would be really helpful if someone points me...


Google maps generally knows the maximum speed limits on each part of the city,which further is taken into consideration. The navigation on Google Maps is real time entity that uses its algorithms to estimate Time of Arrival


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