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Live fish: pez Food fish (what you eat in restaurants): pescado The word pescado (verb pescar, to fish ) is also used to say captured or caught, e.g. The


Plural for fish is=pescados singular is=pescado. Jersey girl on Florida.


Hiya I see you have learning points so must be aware of the facilities on the site - if you go to the dictionary you will see that you are correct - pescado = fish, however there is a difference in fish in the sea and fish on your dinner plate, also singular and plural. Have fun checking it out! Jan 24, 2012.


You could say, “I’ve got eight fish in my bucket, two snappers, five mackeral, and a flounder.” This is correct usage of “fish” as a plural.


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In the dictionary it says plural is fish or fishes. When I look in the encyclopedia they use the term fishes a lot.


The plural of fish is usually fish, but fishes has a few uses. In biology, for instance, fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish.


The plural of fish is usually fish, but there are times when you can use fishes instead.


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