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Jimmy Santiago Baca first sent poems to me when I was working as an editor of an anthology of prison poetry in 1974. I noticed then two strengths which contained within them a strong potential for weakness if his craft were not carefully controlled or if he became too impressed by academia's...


Jimmy Santiago Baca (born January 2, 1952 in Santa Fe, New Mexico) is an American poet and writer of Apache and Chicano descent. Baca was born in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, in 1952.


Jimmy Santiago Baca begins “Green Chile” with a distinctly personal statement that establishes his intimate experience with one of the staples of southwestern American cuisine, then expands his meditation on the significance of the chile pepper in the life of the residents of that region throughout...


But grandmother loves green chile. When I visit her, she holds the green chile pepper in her wrinkled hands.


Attend the Jimmy Santiago Baca talk on Thursday, 4/7/16 from 1-3 PM and write a 3-paragraph response paper (2 summary paragraphs + 1 discussion paragraph) on the talk.


In Jimmy Santiago Baca's poem "Green Chile", he explores this connection via the use of chile peppers as a medium. Baca personifies both green and red peppers to illustrate not only that special bond, but also the historical significance of said vegetable amongst the Mexican-American community.


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Jimmy Santiago Baca is an award-winning American poet and writer of Chicano descent. While serving a five-year sentence in a maximum security prison, he learned to read and began to turn his life around, eventually emerging as a prolific artist of the spoken and written word. He is a winner of the...


Green Chile Green Chile can be identified as a staple crop in the life of Americans. Throughout the poem Jimmy continues to tell the signifance of the


Green Chile by Jimmy Santiago Baca. .I prefer red chile over my eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Red chile ristras decorate my door dry on my roof and


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