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Mary Kay Ash was a famous American businesswoman and the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Check out this biography to know about her childhood


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Mrs. Ash, who preferred to be called Mary Kay, was 45 when she started her company, which sells its products through home and office demonstrations by sales representatives. Within two years, the company's wholesale sales had reached almost $1 million. ''I've been asked a number of times...


At the time of Ash's death, Mary Kay Cosmetics had over 800,000 representatives in 37 countries, with total annual sales over $2 billion at retail.


Mary Kay Ash (May 12, 1918 – November 22, 2001) was an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Mary Kay Ash, born Mary Kathlyn Wagner in Hot Wells, Harris County, Texas, was the daughter of Edward Alexander and Lula Vember Hastings Wagner.


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Mary Kay Ash was ahead of her time, all the time. She changed the world of business by creating more opportunities for women, built a company guided by her values and empowered women by putting them in control of their own future. Mary Kay Ash launched her business more than 50 years ago, but she...


A beauty queen opens up the world of entrepreneurship to tens of thousands of women.


Мэри Кэй Эш (Mary Kay Ash, 12 мая 1918, Техас, США — 22 ноября 2001, Техас, США) — американская предпринимательница и основательница компании Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., разработчик философии бизнеса.


Mary Kay Ash was the inspirational business leader and entrepreneur who founded Mary Kay Cosmetics.


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