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So, how are cats poisoned? Symptoms, as already noted above, will differ in different situations. For example, if an animal is poisoned by phosphorus, arsenic or copper, it is observed: vomiting, severe salivation, very difficult swallowing reflex, cramps are possible. How to help the animal in this situation?


Some cats may exhibit symptoms like cat coughing , sneezing, trembling, poor coordination, seizures, fever, trouble breathing, coma, and in the worst of cases


Symptoms of Poisoning in Your Cats. Cleaners, fertilizers, medication and household plants can all poison a cat. Cats can also be poisoned by rodent-killing chemicals--either by ingesting them or from a poisoned rat or mouse they catch. In fact, poisons do not even need to be ingested--certain...


Poisoning in cats. A look at common causes of poisoning including drugs, chemicals and plants, along with symptoms and how poisoning is treated.


Treatment of Poisoning in Cats. If your cat has eaten something toxic, act immediately. If it was less than two hours ago, grab the packaging (or take a


Rat poisoning in cats occurs, when they feed on the toxic baits laid for rodents or prey on poisoned rats. Early identification of cat poisoning symptoms is imperative to treat the condition promptly and prevent complications.


Poisoning in cats involves the ingestion, absorption, or inhalation of a toxic substance. Plants, medications, insecticides, chemicals and even human


Poisoning in cats is common. It can lead to serious complications and pathological processes in the animal body. In this article we reviewed the causes and symptoms of poisoning in cats, the methods of rendering first aid and components of the home treatment.




Etylene glycol poisoning is also covered in our emergency section, which includes immediate care that you can give to your cat and tips on prevention. This does not take the place of veterinary care, but will assist you in treating your cat in a timely manner. Symptoms and Types. Early signs are seen from...


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