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Pop music usually has an engaging rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and an approachable musical style that is easy to sing-along. The ability to sing along is key for a lot of people who like to listen to lively music in the car


Popular music or Pop music , as it is more com…monly called, is difficult to define. The forties and fifties saw the emergence of rock 'n' roll.


Rock is the best kind of music, people who like rock music have good taste in music, rock music is more than just compositions, it's a way of living, it's a lifelong inspiration.


Talk about the music you like by answering these questions~ feel free to make some for others to answer :o. 1. What do you think of when you hear


Music calms me down when im stressed and when im angry or sad, music just relaxes my brain when im doing


The Hub. Off Topic. what music do you like, and why.


I like music all the time when i am sleeping, eating, walking for that matter anytime mostly because it relaxes me and brings peace of mind , why do


First, Classical Music (CM) is an escape from the cares of the world, a refuge, a place to regain one's strength and recharge one's heart. CM is also a friend, always there to comfort. CM is a great reminder that there is something more than this world.


My hobby is music. And I listen to rock music. Why? Вecause I am very emotional person and this music often reflects my mood. I like to communicate with people and organize different parties. One of them is called "offline". Because the participants of a party are not "online" in the net. We go to.


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