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The comments on any youtube video do not load. It's like this on both firefox and chrome. When I go to the comment sections, it shows the loading icon and it stays like that and does not load any comments.


Hides annoying YouTube comments. Только в Firefox — Загрузить Firefox сейчас.


YouTube not working on Firefox annoys many Firefox users, they may always get "error occurred please try again later" message in Firefox or encounter YouTube


I have Mozilla Firefox and for some reason whenever I try to make a comment on Youtube, it opens a popup window which then immediately closes and I am unable to type anything in the comment box. I could use some help fixing this. Here is information about Firefox


YouTube can fail to properly load a video in Firefox for multiple reasons. However, there are also multiple solutions which can fix this problem.


Launched Firefox youtube loads and plays videos, also plays embedded videos. EDGE - Cleared browsing history/cookies and saved website data/cached data and files/tabs I've set aside or recently closed.


Every time Firefox opened. Firefox 3.6.3 wont play embedded youtube videos.


Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. Выбрать другой язык можно в списке ниже.


YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome because YouTube’s Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API


I'd like to help, but your question couldn't be more vague. Can you at least give some description of your problem? → What shows up on the screen? → What things (if any) are missing? → Can you access other websites? → What exactly has stopped working? → What have you tried so far to fix it? → Do...


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